Ardbeg Galileo


One of 2012’s most hotly-anticipated releases, Ardbeg Galileo is made up from casks distilled in 1999, some of which spent their full term of maturation in casks that previously held Marsala wine, imparting sweet tropical fruit flavours to the mix.

Galileo’s concept is in celebration of the well-publicised experiment whereby small quantities of Ardbeg were sent into space at the end of 2011 to see how they mature in zero gravity.


Named “The best spirit of its kind in the world”.

The 12-year-old limited edition drop was created as part of a collaboration with space research company NanoRacks LLC.

The Houston, Texas, firm has been undertaking zero gravity experiments in space involving the maturation of chemical compounds in Ardbeg’s whisky, while the distiller monitors control samples on Earth.

The commemorative whisky, made from a vatting of different styles of Ardbeg laid down in 1999, took out the prestigious prize at an event at the Waldorf Hotel in Central London.

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