Dalmore Mackenzie Signed by Richard Paterson


The Dalmore Mackenzie is a unique expression, celebrating the daring spirit and courage of The
Mackenzie family, owners of Dalmore Distillery for almost a century.
An incredibly rare and collectable Dalmore, this release contains spirit distilled in 1992. It was
added to American White Oak Bourbon casks for 11 years and then transferred to fresh Port Pipes
for 6 years before being bottled at 46%
What makes this specific bottle even more special is the signature of Master Distiller Richard
Paterson on the front.
Richard had the following to say about this release:
“Warm and seductive with aromas of ripe plums, citrus fruits and marzipan, followed closely with
ginger spice and mangos. A taste of sweet pear, bitter chocolate and crushed almonds reward the
” An Unforgettable Masterpiece”
This bottle is not available anywhere else and is the only one signed by Richard Paterson.

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