Ardbeg Kelpie Committee Release


The 2017 Committee Release from Ardbeg

This rare release is matured in Russian Oak Casks which have been grown, felled and seasoned by the black sea.

Kelpie Definition – A Scottish, shape-shifting water spirit. Known to take the form of a horse or bull and prey on unwitting travellers to drown.

Ardbeg Distillery has forever held a deep connection to the sea. The depths around Ardbeg are full of legends of the creatures that are said to inhabit them.

Alcohol – 51.7%

Nose – A “dancing” nose. Layers of intertwined aromas whipped away on sea breeze. Powerful notes of oily peat, dark chocolate, smoked fish, hints of seaweed and a curious sharp herbal note.

Palate – Plunge into peppery mouthfeel leading to sea-salty flavours of smoke fish. Dark chocolate, turkish coffee. Peachy estery fruit, wood. Incredibly deep, the legacy of its cask and their journey from the Black Sea

Finish – Seemingly lasting forever, with deep, deep almost subterranean flavours of clove, tar and rich smoke.

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