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11 Year Old Whisky

The worldwide popularity of 11 Year Old whisky, as well as its peers, is all down to the depth of flavour. Flavour is gained in most old and rare whiskies through a combination of factors. This can include the water used, whether peat is used for a smoky flavour during malting, and the type of cask the spirit is aged in. This cask plays a huge part in the depth of the whisky. Most rare whiskies are aged in Oak casks, though some are aged in old Rum casks or Oloroso casks.

Bottling Rare Whiskies

When the 11 year old whisky has reached its peak, it is time for bottling. Although the legal minimum for maturation time is 3 years, most distillers go far beyond this. When the maturation time has come to an end, some of the alcohol will have evaporated. This lost alcohol is often called The Angel’s Share. What is left is an 11 year old whisky with a strength of between 50 and 65%. This is sometimes diluted with distilled water. However, sometimes the single malt is sold at cask strength.

Whisky Age Statements

Whisky age statements have been included on the labels of whiskies for many years. The statement itself can tell the buyer or drinker the minimum age of the whisky in that particular bottle. This is because there is often a blend of different casks in one bottle (from the same distillery). The technique means that a single malt could contain 99% 11 year old whisky and 1% 12 year old. The whisky age statement would state that the spirit contained is 11 year old whisky. The statement has been a symbol of high quality spirits for many years, and remains so today. Remember, an 11 year old whisky bottled 20 years ago is still an 11 year old whisky.

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